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Children's Bikes, Helmets, and Child Seats

Children's Bikes

Cycle Funattic knows that bicycles are great for all members of the family, so we proudly carry children's bikes constructed by reputable manufacturers known for their quality. Your children will grow into riding bikes with a feel for quality and ease of use that comes from your neighborhood bicycle shop. Department store bikes are not as well constructed and at times, may not be as safe for your child. At Cycle Funattic, we sell quality bikes which are assembled and tested by expert technicians to assure you that you have the best possible bike for your child. We will also be sure that he or she is fitted for the correct frame size, which is very important when purchasing a bike.

Right now, we are gathering detailed information on all the bikes we stock including photos. Check this page back soon for additional links and images to help you shop on line for the bicycle that's right for you.

Bike Helmets

Every child needs to wear a helmet when riding a bike. In many states, it's the law. Cycle Funattic will help you find the helmet that best fits your child so he or she will develop a sense for safety right from the start. We have many cool designs and colors by top manufacturers.

See our accessories page for more information on bike helmets we carry, as well as child seats and trailers for infants and small children.